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Episode 19

Published on:

28th Oct 2021

#19 Your most frequently asked questions answered - Part 2!

Editor of My VIP magazine, Kate Cornish, puts anxious puppy owners’ questions to the brilliant dog behaviourist and trainer Claire North, who dishes out a plethora of perfect puppy advice.


We reached out to our puppy-owning customers, members of the Pets at Home Puppy and Kitten Club and our Facebook group, The Wagging Tail, to ask them what type of questions they’d like answering when it comes to their little bundles of fluff, along with any other reassurance and guidance they’d like us to cover. And this podcast episode is the result.


Why does my puppy bark at the postman?’ Why doesn’t my puppy like being patted on the head? What the heck are zoomies? Don’t worry, we have the answers and all the expert advice you need, to make your journey with your puppy a smooth and happy ride.



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Claire North


You can find out more about Claire North and the puppy training services she offers at and Claire’s Facebook page is


Looking for more advice?


For more expert advice you can visit and over on, the Pet Talk section has some great advice too.


Meanwhile, over on Facebook, we’ve a group called The Wagging Tail, created with puppies (and parents!) in mind. It’s open to everyone on a journey with their new furry family member, join our group to surround yourself with friendly advice, top tips and like-minded owners who understand your struggles, celebrate your breakthroughs and love to see those puppy pictures!


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You can get in touch with us via Twitter where our tag is @petsathome

and on Instagram, we are @petsathomeuk


Finally, if you have a puppy-related question you’d like to put to our panel, email it to

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Pets at Home Puppy Podcast
Got a question about your puppy? We've got you covered.
Getting a new puppy is a wonderfully exciting time - but it also throws up a number of questions. What are you supposed to do when you first bring your new addition home? What about the first trip to the vet? How about training and nutrition? Don't worry, because the award-winning Puppy Podcast from Pets at Home is here to help! We've gathered together our top in-house experts to ensure the podcast will act as your very own, personal puppy checklist.

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Our host is the fabulous Kate Cornish, editor of the multi-award winning My VIP magazine – a key part of the VIP club, a membership scheme for Pets at Home customers. Kate creates content that customers find irresistible. It connects, excites and inspires them. She's edited an eclectic mix of titles and websites over the years and is now delighted to be spending her days collating and writing about the wonderful world of pets for Pets at Home.